Student Information

Prospective students should understand that this is an intensive language program, covering a year’s worth of course material in 8 weeks. Much of your “free time” will be spent studying.

If you have questions about any aspects of the program, please review the APTLI policies, check out our FAQ, or contact the APTLI Coordinator.

In addition, check out the WISLI website for more information regarding general overviews of the Summer Language Institutes.

Important Logistical Information

Class will begin remotely on Monday, June 14th, 2021. The last day of class will be Friday, August 6, 2021.

These intensive programs will require students to be engaged in classes Monday through Friday 8:30am – 1:00pm (Central), with extra time dedicated for homework assignments. Please review our Attendance Policy.

Please review the Summer 2020 Preview for information from the Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) on our past year’s program or contact the APTLI Coordinator with additional questions.

For Summer 2021 students will be remote. When APTLI returns to in-person, the following materials will be helpful to students learning on-campus. Please see the Campus and Visitor Relations site for different ways to reach Madison and campus. Note that it may be cheaper to fly to Milwaukee (MKE) or Chicago (ORD), and then take the Badger Bus (Milwaukee) or Van Galder bus (Chicago) to campus.

For students flying directly to Madison, taxis are available at the north end of the terminal (Door #7) to take you from the airport to campus, which is approximately a 20-minute ride.

Flying to Madison: If you are coming from far away, you can choose to fly into one of three nearby airports. Madison’s airport (MSN) is located ~20 minute drive away from campus. Once you arrive at the airport, we would suggest hiring a taxi to your place of residence.

Flying into Chicago: You may choose to fly into Chicago (ORD) to save cost on flights. There are Coach USA buses that run every 60-90 minutes from their Bus/Shuttle Center. Tickets can be purchased online in advance, or on the bus once you have arrived. Buses will finish their route at Madison’s Langdon Street stop. Once there, you can choose to take a taxi to your place of residence.

Flying into Milwaukee: You may also choose to fly into Milwaukee (MKE) and can take a bus from Mitchell Airport to Madison’s Langdon Street stop. Tickets can be purchased in advance online. Once there, you can take a taxi to your place of residence.

For Summer 2021, students will be attending class remotely, and do not need to worry about finding housing. Once APTLI returns to in-person in the future, students admitted are responsible for making their own living arrangements.

University Housing

You can find rates and application information on the Summer Term Housing website:

See the Summer Term website for information about how to apply for the Summer Housing Boost.

Off-Campus Housing

There are also off-campus housing options available throughout Madison.  A good starting point for finding off-campus housing is the Campus Area Housing website:

Interested in rooming with another APTLI student?  Feel free to get in touch with other APTLI students via the APTLI Facebook page.


City bus passes are included in APTLI tuition and make Madison very navigable. For more information please visit the WISLI Transportation Page.

Hourly parking on campus is very limited and very expensive! If you know you will be bringing a vehicle to campus for the summer, you must purchase a parking permit in advance.  We will update you with more information as we coordinate with UW Transport Services regarding the purchase of parking permits.

Tentative textbook information for each language is included on the Courses page. On average, students spend around $100 for textbooks each summer. Textbooks will be available at the University Bookstore, 711 State Street (on Library Mall) and/or online. Information regarding online textbook resources coming soon! Supplemental resources from the UW-Madison Libraries will be accessible for APTLI students as well.