International Student Information

PLEASE NOTE: For Summer 2021, classes will not take place on UW-Madison campus, but will be held remotely. Students should stay at their home of record for the remote summer session!

Visa information

International students must obtain an F-1 Visa in order to attend APTLI. International participants are encouraged to apply early to APTLI to allow enough time for visa processing. F-1 visa holders may enter the U.S. 30 days before the start of APTLI on June 14 and could stay as long as 60 days after the program ends August 6 (Note: The entry process for Canadian citizens is different than for citizens of other countries.)

Flags from around the world on a table

Receiving your “I-20” form

For the F-1 visa you will require an I-20 form from UW-Madison. In order to receive your I-20 you must demonstrate financial means to cover:

Once you receive your I-20, you must apply for the F-1 visa stamp at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Please contact the APTLI Coordinator for information regarding where to send your financial support documentation.  This can be a lengthy process, so please start as soon as possible.

Health insurance for international students

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has mandated that all international students and their dependents residing in this country be enrolled in the UW-Madison’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  Below are the SHIP Insurance Rates for Summer 2020.

Coverage Type
Monthly Rate for Students in Summer Courses Beginning in June 2020
Student (age 25 & under)
Student (age 26 & above)
Student (age 25 & under) and Spouse/partner
Student (age 26 & above) and Spouse/partner
Student (age 25 & under) and Child
Student (age 26 & above) and Child
Student (age 25 & under) and family
Student (age 26 & above) and family

For further information, please contact the SHIP Program, University Health Services, (608)-265-5232.