APTLI 2021 Summer Showcase

APTLI 2021 Showcase

Highlighting Student Accomplishments & Language Learning

View our APTLI 2021 Student Final Project Submissions!




Noah Carr

  • Watch Noah’s video about Egyptian film actor Omar Sharif:

Alexander Fischer

  • Read Alexander’s final project about the connection between WWI and the current borders of the Middle East by showing the failure of the British to award independence to the Arabs that helped fight the Ottomans as well as the role of T. E. Lawrence in the gulf and his subsequent refusal of knighthood because of the British failure: Fake Borders

Mikaela Peters

  • Watch Mikaela’s video on the city of Dubai below:

Lily Turner

  • Read Lily’s final project where she discusses the immigration of Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants to Germany, the difficulties they faced getting accustomed to a new culture and language, and the rise of right wing parties as a result of anxiety around an increase in immigration: Refugees from the Middle East in Germany

Leah Whitmoyer

  • Watch Leah’s video about agriculture in Morocco below:


Advanced Arabic Conference



Collaborative Projects

Ariana Zandi

  • Watch Ariana’s video on Shiraz, Iran:

Haoran Shi

  • Read Haoran’s story about about a Facebook software engineer’s quest to become a poet in San Francisco. After reading the poetry of Persian poet , Sa’adi, he has the realization that he doesn’t need to leave this mega-city to become a great poet himself: هوران^J story




John Barton

Dutton Crowley

John DiCandeloro





Collaborative Projects

Gabriella Chamberland

Weston Bland

Anyssa El-Manfaa

Morgan Kincade


Herman Adney

Anna Miller

Keegan Scott

Lydia Weber

APTLI 2021 Infographic (click to view larger image)
Arabic Language Map
Thank you notes students from May George’s Intermediate Arabic class wrote to each other. (click to view larger image)
Thank you notes students from May George’s Intermediate Arabic class wrote to each other. (click to view larger image)
Persian Language Map
Group photo of Fatemeh’s Elementary Persian class (click to view larger image)
Turkish Language Map
Here are the students of Tugba’s Intermediate Turkish class enjoying a Turkish Breakfast (click to view larger image)
(click to view larger image)