2020 Tutors & Supplemental Staff

Arabic Tutor

Angeline Peterson


Angeline Peterson is a doctoral candidate and Arabic instructor in the Department of African Cultural Studies. Her research explores the desert literary landscape in African stories set in the Sahara. Angeline completed her B.A. in French and Anthropology at Beloit College and her M.A. in African Languages & Literature at UW-Madison. She presented her master’s paper, “Dystopian Fiction in the Age of Information: Decoding the Divine Network of The Queue by Basma Abdel Aziz,” at the 2019 African Literature Association Conference. Angeline enjoys reading a variety of speculative fiction in her free time and dreams of running a marathon with Haruki Murakami.

Persian Tutor

Ali Heidari


Ali Heidari is an international student at UW-Madison. He is fascinated by Persian literature and enjoys using his passion to support Persian learners. Ali graduated from Tehran University with a Master’s degree in cardiac rehabilitation. In his free time, Ali likes to hike, bike, and play tennis.

Turkish Tutor

Aylin Merve Arikan


Aylin Merve Arikan is a third-year student in the Wisconsin School of Business and is working toward degrees in international business and marketing. Aylin grew up speaking English and Turkish, and has lived in Istanbul, Turkey. She is excited to participate in this year’s summer program!


Supplemental Staff

Intermediate Persian T.A.

Hadis Ghaedi


Hadis Ghaedi is a PhD candidate in Second Language Acquisition program at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She enjoys teaching and learning languages, and discovering and sharing new cultures. She has been a Persian language tutor and ESL teacher for several years. Her research interests include learners’ perceptions, second language acquisition, academic writing and sociolinguistics.


Azeri Tutor (TURFLI Program)

Gulmira Salahli


Gulmira Salahli is the tutor of Azerbaijani language at University of Wisconsin – Madison for the Turkish Flagship Language Initiative (TURFLI) summer program.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics of English language and is experienced in different Altaic and European languages. Gulmira Salahli is fluent in 4 languages- Azerbaijani (native) Russian, Turkish, and English. She previously worked as a schoolteacher and a trainer in a business setting.