2020 Showcase

Highlighting Student Accomplishments & Language Learning

View our APTLI 2020 Student Final Project Submissions!

(And look at the Final Newsletter for more student works!)

APTLI 2020 Final Newsletter


Aaron Suiter (Intermediate Arabic):

  • Explore the Eagle Heights Gardens and learn about fruits and vegetables found in the Arab world:

Aleema Arastu (Elementary Arabic):

Henry Wehrs (Intermediate Arabic):

Savita Ananthan (Elementary Arabic):

Anwesha Das (Intermediate Arabic):

Noah Eberhard (Elementary Arabic):

Connor Rechtzigel (Elementary Arabic):

Caroline Hillier (Elementary Arabic):

Daniel Lightfoot and Tolga Atabas (Advanced Arabic):

  • Watch Daniel and Tolga’s film about the literary genre ‘Maqama’: Link to Video

Courtney Erdman (Intermediate Arabic):


Kacey Evilsizor (Advanced Persian):

Alex Gray (Advanced Persian):

  • See Alex’s 10 questions Persian Quiz Video:


See the Final Newsletter (at top of page) for Turkish submissions!